British Movie Theaters Ban Google Glass a Week After its UK Debut

Cinema owners are nervous that British Explorers are secretly pirates.

Beware the pirates, you'll know them by their tech. (Photo via Jeff Karpala)

Beware the pirates, you’ll know them by their tech. (Photo via Jeff Karpala)

It was only last week that Google made Glass available in the UK for £1,000 (about US$1,700), but British movie theater chains are already banning Glass Explorers from wearing their new tech toys to the movies, The Independent reports.

The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, which represents 90 percent of UK cinema operators, said that British Glass owners will be asked to remove their devices in the theaters, even when movies aren’t playing. Vue Cinemas, which owns 80 UK theaters, is going to be a little more lenient, asking Explorers to remove their glass after the lights dim.

The battery life of Glass doesn’t allow for over 40-45 minutes of recording, but cinemas are concerned that British Glassholes will use a combination of devices to record different parts of the movie, splitting video from audio and patching it all together in post — though it’s probably much easier to sneak in a little HD camcorder than to hold your head perfectly still for 90 minutes.

Glass is still in public beta, and everyone from legislators to banks, casinos and stip clubs have had to consider how to make new rules to deal with people who have video cameras on their faces. But the most level-headed solution for how to deal with Glass in theaters came from Google themselves.

“We recommend any cinemas concerned about Glass to treat the device as they treat similar devices like mobile phones,” the spokesperson told The Independent. “Simply ask wearers to turn it off before the film starts.”

We should hope that if cinemas do kick anyone out, they at least leave national law enforcement out of it.

British Movie Theaters Ban Google Glass a Week After its UK Debut