CD12: Chivukula votes in Franklin Twp.

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula (D-17) just voted at the Presbyterian Church in Franklin.

“When you look at my background, the fact that I’m an engineer and scientist who grew up in a different country – I think I’m the best candidate,” said the CD12 contender from Somerset County, a native of India.

Chivukula obtained a single party line in the four county 12th District.

“I am about class,” he said, dismissing what he cited as Middlesex County Democratic Committee leadership’s efforts to “bully” him out of the Democratic Primary.

Sources say that after his public comments about the organization he could find himself – if he doesn’t become a congressperson and tries to run again for his assembly seat – confronted with a 2015 primary challenge out of Middlesex.

“I’m just focused on today,” said the candidate. CD12: Chivukula votes in Franklin Twp.