CD3: Lonegan’s concession statement

BAYVILLE – A shriek of excitement just went up here among the small crowd packed into the campaign headquarters of CD3 victor Tom MacArthur.

Moments later, the concession statement of the defeated Steve Lonegan appeared in an email.

“From the first day of this race my goal was to provide third district voters with a clear, conservative message and principled vision,” Lonegan said. “I am proud of the campaign we ran and the effort that my team put forth. Unfortunately we could not overcome the millions of dollars spent against us in negative attack ads.  

“We may have lost tonight, but the fight for our conservative values continues. We must hold those nominated by the Republican party accountable – that means voting like a conservative not a liberal and it means repealing Obamacare not replacing it with Obamacare light.  

“I intend to continue to speak out on the issues that matter to us – because America is worth fighting for.” CD3: Lonegan’s concession statement