Christie calls New Jersey voters ‘crazy’ at Daytop groundbreaking

On a blistering morning under a white tent at Daytop Substance Abuse Center in South Jersey yesterday, Governor Chris Christie likened New Jersey’s political make-up — where Republican and Democratic interests often collide — to an adolescent’s science experiment gone wrong. 

“It was an arranged marriage. Arranged by you crazy, crazy people in New Jersey, who have decided twice to elect a Republican governor and give him a democratic legislature,” said Christie, who spoke at the center’s groundbreaking ceremony in Pittsgrove, NJ. “I’ve often analogized you around the country to like a 13 year old kid in the basement of his house doing a science experiment, saying ‘let’s mix these two things together and see what happens.’”

Christie’s jests come amidst a cantankerous budget conflict that has his own administration pitted against Senate President Steve Sweeney and other upper-house democrats. Both parties are working to advance their own versions of a plan that would plug a state budget deficit while still preserving the its public pension system.

The Governor later took time praise Sweeney, whom he called “conscientious” and “smart”. Sweeney also spoke at yesterday’s groundbreaking.

“We just approach some problems from a different perspective and a different philosophical point of view … But on many many issues we’ve put politics aside and worked for the betterment of the people that we serve,” Christie said.

“Now in case there are any partisan democrats listening, I’ll stop saying any more nice things about him. I don’t want to ruin his future,” he added. Christie calls New Jersey voters ‘crazy’ at Daytop groundbreaking