Single Straight Men Admit to Loving Cats

They aren’t kitten around.

Must love cats (Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

Why go on when I’m so lovable and cute?  (Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

Straight manz can haz kitteh 2, apparently.

“Mom, dad, Tinder matches: I love cats,” according to self-proclaimed “cat dude,” Brian Levinson. Yesterday, in his confessional piece in Time Out New York, he declared that the straight male cat craze “is reaching the point of normalcy.”

Let it out, boys, meowed and proud.

Mr. Levinson said cat ownership is no longer just for “James Bond villains” or “hoaders.” The felines are now fair game for the average people-hating, selfish, competitive Manhattan male.

One recent convert highlighted the satisfaction of winning cats’ affection. “They’re yours because they want to be with you,” he enthused, “not because they have to be with you.” Unlike his other companions — his mother and GrubHub.

Another busy IT dude likened his loving cat-panion to a “plant,” because “they just need to be fed and watered.” Ah, compassion. PETA would be proud.

Ultimately, with the amount of swipe-lefts in today’s world, it can be hard to find love. But Josh, 31, remains eloquently blind to the haters. “Anyone who judges me for liking cats has done me a huge favor, since they’ve outed themselves as a dick.”

At least he can go home to a nice bowl of Fancy Feast.

Single Straight Men Admit to Loving Cats