Esquire: Fishman drills into Bridgegate

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman’s investigation of the George Washington Bridge debacle continues, according to an exclusive story in Esquire.

This story, which claims that “Indictments against four cronies are near certain,” is sure to send shockwaves throughout the state, not only for the prominence of its appearance in a major national magazine but also for the credibility of its two authors.

The blockbuster story is written by Scott Raab and Lisa Brennan. Raab is a longtime Esquire writer who has been profiling the governor’s Port Authority-related woes and has developed deep sources at the Port Authority via his painstaking reporting on the rebuilding at Ground Zero. Brennan, who is married to Raab, is a formidable reporter in her own right, with long experience in New Jersey legal circles developed over years of covering Garden State courts for the New Jersey Law Journal.

The leaking of forthcoming indictments is a tactic sometimes used by prosecutors to apply leverage to witnesses who might be considering cooperating. The strategy is called “the prisoner’s dilemma” in game theory, and it has proven effective in breaking apart groups who had previously seen their interests as being aligned. This Esquire story will likely speed the hunt for the first insider to flip.

Check out the piece here.

Esquire: Fishman drills into Bridgegate