Fake Tinder Profile Nurse Nicole Raises Awareness on Men’s Health

He's checking her out, she's checking him up


Nurse Nicole’s Tinder profile. (Photo: matchesformenshealth.com)

For the month of June, swiping right may be just what the doctor ordered.

In what is perhaps the most desperate attempt to get men to care about their well-being, Razorfish interns Vincent Mak and Colby Spear have created a fake Tinder profile to troll dudes just trying to find love—or something. The two operate under the guise of fictional nurse Nicole, 28, whose profile reads, “Nurse in NYC. Loves dogs, warm weather and spontaneous decisions :).”

Mastering the art of the segue, every disgusting message from Nicole’s suitors becomes a chance to teach men about wellness. Lucky for us, the PR pranksters are posting some of most Nicole’s most interesting and informative encounters on their website http://matchesformenshealth.com to raise awareness of Men’s Health Month.

However, some are wary of Nurse Nicole’s credentials.

“I just think that their intention is probably to provide a private forum where guys can ask embarrassing questions but if it’s not legitimate, Google is just as good,” Phelps Chamblin, 21, a nursing student at the University of Pennsylvania told the Observer.

“If [she’s] not a real RN, that’s impersonation and could be incorrect information,” she added.

Ah, the perils of iPhone dating.


A screen shot from Nurse Nicole’s triage. (Photo: matchesformenshealth.com)

Fake Tinder Profile Nurse Nicole Raises Awareness on Men’s Health