Former Wall Street Execs Pursue Things More Pretentious than Finance

New luxury firms bring SkyMall-quality innovation to the 1%

We've come a long way since "Fiddler on the Roof." (Photo: Twitter)
We’ve come a long way since “Fiddler on the Roof.” (Photo: Twitter)

Do you want to take a plunge into the pool of obscenity?

The lords of Wall Street are leaving their firms to found luxury companies that provide “the frivolous things” to equally wealthy friends, as stated by one of these company’s execs.

Jay Dweck left his executive position Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley to found Live Better Systems LLC with the objective of “[improving] the quality of life using technology,” Dweck told Observer vet Max Abelson at Bloomberg.

Indeed, through Live Better Systems LLC you could own a $1 million Stradivarius-shaped pool complete with adjoining koi pond and fiber-optic light-up strings that double as a kayaking channel. Just like the one in Mr. Dweck’s yard.

One day, Mr. Dweck hopes to utilize his Wall Street programming skills to synchronize the purple pool lights with music. In the innovator’s own words, just like “Guitar Hero.”

But he doesn’t only dream of violin-shaped pools. Overall, he believes, “Anything that shouldn’t require volitional thought should just happen by itself,” he said. “If we can automate it away, we should.”

Mr. Dweck isn’t the only former Goldman bro filling the world with essential innovation. Paul Scialla left Goldman to created Delos Living LLC. The company’s East Village apartment complex provides residents with “curated environments that optimize health” aka amenities like Vitamin-C infused showers and posture-boosting cork floors.

All of which could be yours for $50 million dollars.

  Former Wall Street Execs Pursue Things More Pretentious than Finance