In Memoriam: Remembering Those We Lost in ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4

Warning: Feelings Ahead

RIP Ice, Ned Stark's ceremonial sword. Hopefully you and Ned are reunited somewhere, being all honorable together.
RIP to 163 Meereenese slave children. The saddest sign posts in TV history
RIP Polliver, Lannister torture guy. One more name off Arya's list.
RIP random sacrifices to R'Hllor.
RIP Joffrey Baratheon. Just kidding, you were a total dick.
RIP Dontos, former knight turned fool. Even though you TOTALLY should have seen that coming.
RIP to, well, pretty much everyone in this town.
Especially this guy! This dude just wanted to get home to his wife's potatoes.
RIP Meereenese champion. Even though you totally were killed by one guy with a knife.
RIP Meereenese Slave Masters. Especially that guy up there, whose classic "awh shit" reaction made the whole slave revolt thing slightly funny.
RIP to Tommen Baratheon's boyhood innocence.
RIP Craster Baby. Technically it isn't "dead" per se, but being White Walker-fied counts in our book.
RIP Locke. Although your death was worth it because Hodor got a kill! Technically a warged-out Bran/Hodor but still.
RIP to Karl and the mutineers. Which is a sweet band name.
RIP to a whole bunch of goats eaten by dragons. Oh, the kid? The kid is fine.
RIP to this guy, who taught us that "dying is thirsty work."
RIP to Rorge, who was brilliant enough to tell Arya his name right after she said she couldn't kill him...because she didn't know his name.
RIP to Lysa Arryn, who poured on the crazy right up until the end.
RIP to basically all of Moles Town, especially our favorite foul-mouthed prostitute who was definitely NOT burping "The Rains of Castamere."
RIP to Oberyn Martell, who SHOULD HAVE JUST FINISHED THE JOB. Still not ober it.
RIP to a crap ton of Night's Watch members. Special shout out to the guy hit by that giant arrow. That probably sucked.
Also RIP to a crap ton of Wildlings. Super special shout out to those taken out by the crazy, out-of-nowhere swinging Wall scythe.
RIP to Craven Sam. No, Sam Tarly didn't die, but he put his cowardly self behind because THAT'S WHAT MEN DO.
RIP Pip. At least you got one wildling before you left.
RIP Unnamed Giant. It's a shame the Night's Watch had that handy bow just big enough for giant killin'.
RIP Mag the Mighty, the Giant King. Went in the tunnel and never came out.
RIP Grenn and Co. for multi-tasking reciting vows and killing giants.
RIP Styr, the Magnar of Thenn, you big, bald cannibal, you.
RIP Ygritte. Your accent was super cool and we didn't exactly want you to die, but you did kind of sort of shoot Olly's dad in the head so...
RIP Jojen Reed, the character with the honor of getting "death by dismembered skeleton arm."
RIP to The Hound...maybe (?!)
RIP Shae, the worst "girlfriend" in a show filled with bad girlfriends.
RIP Tywin Lannister. Points off for the revelation that he doesn't actually shit gold.

So, a whole ton of people died this season on Game of Thrones. Which, as history has taught us, is sort of Game of Thrones‘ thing.

But, like, a lot of people died this season.

Fan favorites, villains, random townsfolk, mammoths, nobody was safe in Season 4. Since it’s so easy to forget about those we lost, what with the whirlwind of killing and all, we took a look back on the last ten episodes to reflect on those characters no longer with us.

So sit back, grab a nice tall milk of the poppy to dull the pain, and let’s pay our respects. Because after all, Valar Morgulis.

(Also, spoilers and grossness ahead. Duh.)

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