Is the World Ready for the David Hasselhoff Mini-Series, ‘Hoff the Record?’

Set to premiere on UK's Dave Channel

So I came across the news that England (not Germany?) is giving the one and only David Hasselhoff his own fictional, six-part series, in which he will play a version of himself named the Hoff. Shot in a doctumentary style, the show will revolve around the Baywatch star moving abroad to jump start his career.Naturally, I planned to write up this whole take-down about how terrible of an idea that is, and punctuate that point with an awful David Hasselhoff video because I’m so clever.

Have you ever entered the words “David Hasselhoff” into Google, much less Youtube?

It’s a treasure trove of weirdness. A goldmine of awkward. The One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship of things that make you go, “wha?” There’s this. And this. And even this. It made me rethink Hoff the Record completely. Of course giving Mr. Hasselhoff a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style, semi-improvised show is a good idea. It’s genius. Give me more Hoff. Give me more of this.


Want to crank the craziness up another level? Hoff the Record will exclusively be running on a channel named Dave. David Hasselhoff will be starring in a show about a fake David Hasselhoff on a network called Dave. Call me Dustin Hoffman in an early 90’s, live-action remake of the Disney classic Peter Pan, because I am hooked. 

Because if it’s one thing history has taught me, it’s that watching bat-shit crazy people do bat-shit crazy things is what sells. The Real Housewives empire and its spin-offs have run collectively for nearly 50 seasons. And none of the Real Housewives have ever, not even once, acted as a lifeboat for Spongebob Squarepants.

So, to answer the question ‘Is the world ready for Hoff the Record?’ Absolutely not, no. But for the love of Hoff, it’s coming anyway.

Is the World Ready for the David Hasselhoff Mini-Series, ‘Hoff the Record?’