Jackson ‘feeling great’ about Trenton runoff election results

TRENTON – Encouraged by legislative and community support, Trenton mayoral hopeful Eric Jackson said Tuesday morning he’s feeling good about the outcome of today’s runoff election.

Residents in the state’s capital city are again headed to the polls to elect their first mayor since disgraced former executive Tony Mack was convicted on several felony charges by a jury. Jackson is battling against fellow mayoral hopeful Paul Perez to succeed Mack and the city’s interim mayor after both candidates secured a position in the runoff election.

“I’m feeling good,” Jackson said outside of his polling place this morning at Trenton High School.

“I’m really excited,” he said.

Jackson told reporters he hopes residents will enter their polling places thinking about which of the two candidates will provide better leadership for the city.

“This election really comes down to experience and leadership,” he said.

Fewer than 200 people voted at Trenton High School by about 9:30 a.m., when Jackson casted his ballot.

The runoff election comes after voters gave Jackson, the former city public works director, 30 percent (or 3,020 votes) in last month’s mayoral election. Perez, a consultant and Army veteran, received 21 percent of the votes (or 2,134 votes). Jackson ‘feeling great’ about Trenton runoff election results