John Seeley Out at The Wall Street Journal

John Seeley

John Seeley’s Wall Street Journal avatar. (Twitter)

John Seeley is out at The Wall Street Journal, he informed colleagues via email on Wednesday evening.

“Tonight I’m the bearer of bad news: The corporate belt-tighteners have decided that it would be best for the company if I were squeezed out,” Mr. Seeley wrote in an email obtained by the Observer. “The worst part for me is that I will no longer be able to work to continue the section’s exciting maturation. The best part is that I got to teach my kid a new word — downsizing.”

Mr. Seeley has been the New York desk editor since last July. Prior to that, he was the editor of the Greater New York section, which he was hired to launch and edit in 2009.

“In some ways, this formalizes the important role John was already performing for us, in charge of all quality control and production for the print section and GNY’s offerings to,” then U.S. News editor Jennifer Forsyth wrote in a memo at the time. (Ms. Forsyth has since become deputy chief of investigations at the Journal.) “However, John will be asked to take on an enhanced role, working closely with the USNEWS desk to give GNY’s work a greater presence on the homepage and in the U.S. news pages.”

Before going over to Wall Street Journal, Mr. Seeley spent six years at The New York Sun, last serving in the position of deputy managing editor. Mr. Seeley’s ouster comes as the Journal, like many other publications, has been touting its beefed up video and digital offerings. The Greater New York section got attention this year for its reporting on the Chris Christie ‘Bridgegate’ scandal.

“To paraphrase Neil Young in ‘The Last Waltz,’ it’s been one of the true honors of my life to share this stage with you,” Mr. Seeley concluded. “I can honestly say, as I often do when giving references, that I would hire all of you again (and would hire those of you I didn’t hire in the first place).”

John Seeley Out at The Wall Street Journal