Kenzodiac Unites Fashion and Astrology

The stars have aligned for Kenzo's new platform

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Pisces (Julien Ceccaldi)

Fashion house Kenzo doesn’t need a crystal ball. Everything you need to know, and buy, is in your horoscope.

Kenzodiac, the Japanese brand’s newly released astrological platform, shows how the stars are aligned and what to expect in the coming month. Accompanied by androgynous manga illustrations from the mind of Franco-Canadian artist Julien Ceccaldi, the horoscope foreshadows how to prepare for each emotionally-charged month with a pair of sunglasses or a backpack from their online shop.

Kenzo tells Capricorns that they may find themselves especially agitated, and may want to pick up tennis (and a Kenzo polo shirt) to get out that pent-up aggression.”Take refuge in your inherent steadfastness,” the horoscope reads, paired with a blonde sporting pigtails styled as horns.

Meanwhile, Aries should pick up a watch and Geminis should remember that “even a magnificent failure can create something beautiful.”

The predictions will be refreshed through the end of the summer.

Kenzodiac Unites Fashion and Astrology