Kim Jong-Un Haircuts Free in Brooklyn, Probably Definitely Ironic

Hipsters channel their inner authoritarian spirit

Well done, Bushwick. (Flickr)

Our Dear Leader is making inroads to a Nylon cover shoot.

One artist at the Bushwick Open Studios festival offered guests North Korean dictator themed haircuts this weekend, and seven brazen comrades went for it.

Artiste Katie Grace McGowan, a self-described “naturally ungifted” stylist, offered to craft Macklemore-imitation Kim Jong-Un ‘dos for free at Arthelix. Her coiffures satirize the dark side of Korea in the wake of Kim Jong-Un’s mandate for state sanctioned haircuts.

And for bros, the Kim Jong-Un fade is the new flow.

“It really ran the gamut from bros who thought it was funny or wild to get their hair cut,” Ms. McGown told Bedford + Bowery, “to a Korean woman who really took it seriously and said she appreciated the whimsy of American artists and she thought this was a smart, fun way to poke fun at North Korea and this mentality.”

The amused Korean woman persuaded Ms. McGown to give her a poster to take home, the artist told The Observer. “She said that one of the things she likes about art in America is that it can discuss political topics without a heavy hand.”

And during the priceless style session, McGown found chatting with her clients “way more intellectual and deep than I would’ve expected.” Looks like the Brooklyn bourgeois were on their game again.

But in New York, there’s a cut for everyone. You can either ironically give your heart to a North Korean dictator or shave a hockey player’s face on the side of your head—your call. (Although right wing New York Ranger Rick Nash should be terrified.)

Guess weird haircuts are just another link in the shocking hockey player-hipster conspiracy theories. Kim Jong-Un Haircuts Free in Brooklyn, Probably Definitely Ironic