Majority of Brides Surprisingly Okay With Having Glassholes at Their Weddings

And 29% say they'd wear it themselves. Brides, are you okay?

Who knew this Glass-lover could be a trendsetter? (Screengrab:
Who knew this Glass-lover could be a trendsetter? (Screengrab:

Your wedding day is the one time in your life when you’re allowed to pull the bride card and politely boss your loved ones around. You can tell them what kinds of clothes to wear, where they should stand at certain times, what to eat — the possibilities are endless.

So it’s surprising that, on the one day of their lives when they could ban Google Glass from their surroundings in good conscience, many brides say they’d be okay with people wearing face computers to their weddings. And to think, just a few months ago, the brides of America were starting to seem like normal humans.

This new intel comes from David’s Bridal, which surveyed brides and found that a whopping 81 percent of them would “like Google Glass to capture the moment at their ceremony and reception,” according to a release from the company. The brides were also asked who they’d most like equipped with the technology. They were allowed to check off each answer that applied. Here are the results:

• 43 percent said the wedding guests

• 40 percent said the wedding party

• 31 percent said their significant other (WTF?)

• 29 percent wanted to wear it themselves (double WTF?!)

• and 23 percent said the officiant.

The first thought we had upon reading these stats was, Did Google buy David’s Bridal? After we crossed that possibility off the list, there was only one explanation left for the startling statistics: someone is keeping the latest in Google Glass news from the brides of America.

Ladies, we know the DVF collab is really exciting. But that doesn’t mean you should wear a face computer on your walk down the aisle (like this poor soul). Even worse is the prospect of staring into the eyes of your husband-to-be while he struggles to focus on you instead of the computer display resting an inch or so from his eyeball.

But, hey, to each her own. We have to get used to Glass sooner or later. Just promise us you’ll keep the drone photographer use to a minimum, okay, ladies?

Majority of Brides Surprisingly Okay With Having Glassholes at Their Weddings