Man Paid $45/Hour to Run Facebook Account for 3 Dogs, Rakes in 23K Followers

Dream job?

Mr. Davis with the pups.

Mr. Davis with the pups.

Josh Davis is a Texas-based programmer, marketer and entrepreneur. He runs Made in Fort Worth, a company that specializes in website design, development and marketing.

He also gets paid by an eccentric multi-millionaire to operate the social media accounts of three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who now have over 23,000 followers on Facebook.

If that sounds to you like a scenario made in reality TV heaven, you’re not wrong. Mr. Davis is featured in Goin’ to the Dogs, a reality show that’s currently being pitched to various television networks.

The show chronicles the day-to-day lives of kooky car recycling tycoon Ron Sturgeon, who also goes by Big Daddy, and his family members. Of all Mr. Sturgeon’s family members, perhaps none live so lavishly as his three spaniels, who have their own staff — Mr. Davis, and a nanny called Baby Mama. Everyone suspects Mr. Sturgeon will someday pass his $75 million onto the dogs.

The show will explore how Mr. Sturgeon’s other family members compete with the pups for his love (and, realistically, his money) or, as Mr. Sturgeon puts it, “sucking up to Big Daddy.”

Unable to resist a story that fused social media, reality TV and dogs, Betabeat interviewed Mr. Davis about his wacky side job.

Give us a rundown of the job description — how many hours do you work, how much do you get paid, and how did you come across it in the first place?

I spend anywhere from four to eight hours per week managing the dogs’ blog and various networks. I am paid $45 per hour for this work. This is only a small portion of web related work that I do, and I do work from an office on location. I started working for Ron [Sturgeon] over seven years ago. At that time the dogs didn’t have a blog or social presence, I was hired to build and maintain the websites of Ron’s various enterprises. As you see in the video, he has always been like that with his dogs, even before the dogs hit the net and this show came about.

What social media platforms do the dogs use?

The dogs are on Facebook, and they have over 20,000 fans, and have their own blog. They’re also recent converts to Twitter and are waiting for permission to join Instagram.

How do you decide what to post for them? Do you post as if you’re one of the actual dogs? Do you have to spend time with the dogs getting to know them so that you can generate more accurate posts?

Each day Ron sends me several videos, with some notes. I then take those videos, upload them, and publish them across the networks. The content is generally from the perspective of the dogs, or what the dogs might be thinking in their head. This is a dog friendly office, and the dogs (and others), are here on a daily basis, so there is constant interaction.

What’s your attitude toward the work you’re doing? How do other people react when you tell them about it?

I have a dog, and I am a dog lover, so of course I love working with the dogs. It breaks up the monotony of working with humans. The reaction [when I tell people about my job] is always a “What?” and disbelief, but generally laughs at how hilarious it is.

Why do you think Mr. Sturgeon is so crazy about his dogs?

Ron has always been passionate about his dogs. He has been involved with the Cavalier Rescue for years, and in addition to his three dogs (Willy, Dixie and Lance) he always has a 4th rotating in which he fosters until they find a forever home.

Is this the craziest tech-related job you’ve taken?

This probably is the craziest. Maybe if the Pet Rock existed today it would have a social media account, and I could manage it. But until then, yeah, I think this is the craziest.

A shot from Willy's birthday party (he's the one with the hat on). The portrait on the wall is of Willy, and was commissioned by Mr. Sturgeon.

A shot from Willy’s birthday party (he’s the one with the hat on). The portrait on the wall is of Willy, and was commissioned by Mr. Sturgeon.

Man Paid $45/Hour to Run Facebook Account for 3 Dogs, Rakes in 23K Followers