Morning Digest sponsored by Auto Alliance: June 26th

If passed into law, A-2035 and its Senate companion – S-927 – would create the most onerous, anti-consumer, anti-business auto franchise regulations in the country.  The legislation devalues significant automaker investments in New Jersey – currently the East Coast home to the U.S. auto industry – and has the potential to influence future market decisions within a very competitive industry.

Organized labor shares serious concerns with S-927 and its impact upon the industry.  And multiple provisions in the legislation would negatively impact New Jersey consumers, unquestionably raising costs and inconvenience

Tell your State Senator today to reject the Assembly’s plan to raise costs for your car.  Tell the Senate to stand up for New Jersey consumers and fight for New Jersey jobs by OPPOSING S-927.  Find out more at



Breaking: Jacobson rules against labor groups in pension suit case

TRENTON – In a courtroom here this afternoon, Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled against the labor groups in their suit against Gov. Chris Christie and Treasurer Andrew Sidamin-Eristoff. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)



Concerned father, kicked out of Christie town hall meeting, calls on governor to change medical marijuana law

HADDON HEIGHTS – In his everyday life, Ricardo Rivera served his country in the U.S. Army and now serves his community as a surgical technician in a nearby Camden County hospital. But Rivera, 32, was compelled to come to Gov. Chris Christie’s 122nd town hall meeting at Atlantic Avenue Elementary School in Haddon Heights on Wednesday for an elementary reason – to serve his 7-year-old daughter, who has had difficulty getting the medical marijuana she needs to fight the effects of the rare form of epilepsy she suffers from. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)



Labor leaders react to judge’s decision

TRENTON – Just a short time ago, Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled against more than eight unions seeking a preliminary injunction in the case against Gov. Chris Chrisite and his plan to cut from the state’s pension system. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)



CD2: Hughes bothered by UAW’s withdrawal of support; charges influence of D.C. lobbyist

It initially appeared that the United Auto Workers (UAW) had jump-started Bill Hughes’ CD2 candidacy. But as it turned out, they deflated the Democrat’s tires and tossed his car keys in the river. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)



Christie to Town Hall crowd: ‘There is no candy to give out’

HADDON HEIGHTS – In a sweltering gymnasium here this morning at a scheduled town hall forum, Gov. Chris Christie slammed the Democrats’ $34.1 billion budget that emerged out of both chambers’ budget committees last night. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)



Schaer: faced with obligation, all the governor is saying is ‘I’m not paying’

TRENTON – Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer (D-36), Passaic, said Gov. Chris Christie’s criticism of the Democrats’ proposed FY2015 budget obscures the central fiscal issue that New Jersey faces. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)



Republicans complain of untold costs in Camden teacher buyout bill

With Camden schools planning to hand out hundreds of pink slips, the state Senate and Assembly are moving fast on a last-minute bill that would allow the district to offer some teachers and other employees richer pension benefits if they retire now. (Friedman/The Star-Ledger)



Christie Chides Lawmakers, Hints at Tougher Pension Reforms Ahead

On the day when his deficit reduction gambit faced a court challenge, Gov. Chris Christie was in Haddon Heights, where he mocked the legislature for cramming like college kids the night before an exam only to come up with what he said was their usual answer to budget issues — a tax hike. (Cruz/NJTV)



U.S. Supreme Court restricts cellphone searches in unanimous ruling

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court issued a simple message to police about what they should do before rummaging through a cellphone’s contents following an arrest: “Get a warrant.” In an emphatic defense of privacy in the digital age, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police generally may not search the cellphones of people they arrest without obtaining search warrants. (AP)



Franklin Borough Councilman compares police to criminals in Facebook post

A Franklin Borough councilman, irate over a traffic stop, recently spewed his disdain for the Roxbury Township Police Department on his Facebook page in an eight-paragraph post comparing police officers to criminals and referring to them as “pigs,” “bullies,” and “thugs.” (Moszcynski/The Star-Ledger)



Fulop announces removal of Jersey City police chief

In a stunning and possibly unprecedented move, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop announced today that he is removing Police Chief Robert Cowan as head of the city’s police department. (MacDonald/The Jersey Journal)



Bergen freeholders override county executive’s veto of Improvements Authority hiring

The Bergen County Freeholders on Wednesday overrode County Executive Kathleen Donovan’s attempt to block the hiring of a prominent Democratic lawyer as the attorney for the county Improvement Authority. Buy a 5-1 vote, the board overturned Donovan’s veto of a portion of the authority’s June 5 meeting minutes when its board appointed Paul Fader as general counsel. (Ensslin/The Bergen Record)



One year in, Jersey City mayor eyes more

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has visited the White House three times and publicly criticized both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio since taking office last July. (Dawsey, Haddon/The Jersey Journal)



At Haddon Heights meeting, Christie pushes bail changes

Gov. Christie used a dramatic anecdote about a Trenton shooting to pressure lawmakers Wednesday into passing a measure that would let judges deny bail to defendants with a history of violence – a proposal that appears to have hit a roadblock in the Legislature. (Hanna/The Philadelphia Inquirer)



How to become a Republican elected official without really trying. Like, at all

We’re going to give Rutgers undergrad Asad Asif a gold star for defying the millennial stereotype, because not only did he vote in New Jersey’s June 3 primary, he also took the initiative to write in the name of a candidate for the obscure, wide-open Old Bridge’s Ward 6, District 7 committeeman position. (Phillip/The Washington Post)



Bergen freeholders hear case of demoted Human Services chief

The attorney for the former director of the Bergen County Department of Human Services asked the county freeholders Wednesday to reinstate her, claiming her demotion was improper and that she has been threatened with criminal prosecution if she pursues her whistle-blower lawsuit against the county. (Ensslin/The Bergen Record)





MSNBC’s Scarborough Unfairly Blames the Media for Chris Christie’s Problems

The real bridge scandal that may lose Christie the chance to be a GOP contender in 2016—not the G.W. Bridge lane closure fiasco of last September but an earlier one related to a different span, the Pulaski Skyway—just isn’t news, according to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. The TV motormouth, who rose to prominence in 1994 as part of Newt Gingrich’s Contract-on-America right-wing revolt that took control of the US House of Representatives, is annoyed over the fact that the media are paying attention to the panoply of scandals surrounding Christie, including the GWB; the tangle of conflict-of-interest scandals around the Port Authority and its disgraced chairman, David Samson; and a series of Christie money grabs that looted the PA to pay for New Jersey road projects. (Dreyfuss/The Nation)

Morning Digest sponsored by Auto Alliance: June 26th