Morning Links: Wealthy Americans Edition

American phone bidders surprised Sotheby's with large bids this week. (Photo: Jason Dirks / Flickr)
American phone bidders surprised Sotheby’s with large bids this week. (Photo: Jason Dirks / Flickr)

David Rubenstein, the cofounder and co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, has given $5.4 million toward the renovation of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery. [Washington City Paper]

The decorated cave of Pont d’Arc in France added to the Unesco World Heritage List, along with 28 other sites. [NYT]

Linda Yablonsky on Basel. [Artforum]

“Stanley Marsh, Patron of the Cadillac Ranch, Dies at 76.” Obit by Bruce Weber. [NYT]

On Monday, American telephone bidders surprised Sotheby’s with considerably high bids on works like Claude Monet’s 1906 Water Lilies and Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Blue and Grey. [The Wall Street Journal]

Pisa’s Museo Nazionale recovered ten paintings worth four million euros that were lost over a decade ago, but it didn’t realize the works were missing until last year. [The Art Newspaper]

“Bounce Below: why a trampoline fun palace in a Welsh mine is pure art.” [The Guardian]

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has raised 94 percent of their $610 million fundraising goal. With the money, SFMOMA will open a new wing “that will more than double the space for artworks by Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and David Hockney.” [Bloomberg]

“Obama gets 3-D printed portrait at Smithsonian.” [LA Times] Morning Links: Wealthy Americans Edition