New Browser Tool Reveals Health Ratings of Your Fave Seamless Restaurants

Never eat from a rat-infested kitchen again.

Guess we're not ordering from A1 Sushi Cafe. (Screengrab: Chrome Web Store)
Smell ya later, A1 Sushi Cafe. (Screengrab: Chrome Web Store)

It can be jarring coming face-to-face with a restaurant you’ve only ever known through Seamless, especially if you discover the place is actually a total dump.

Now, you can rest assured your innocent-looking sushi isn’t coming from a cockroach-infested cesspool, thanks to Seamless NYC Health Ratings, a new Chrome extension that reveals the health ratings of Seamless’ restaurant listings. The extension pulls the health inspection data from NYC Open Data, and then displays the ratings on Seamless to the right of each restaurant’s name.

Software developer John McLaughlin was inspired to create the extension when he walked past a restaurant he regularly ordered from on Seamless, and discovered it had been padlocked by the Department of Health.

“I later looked up the restaurant only to find out they had some pretty serious violations on every inspection,” Mr. McLaughlin told Betabeat via email.  “I love using Seamless, but without being able to physically see the restaurant, it’s difficult to make an informed decision.”

Mr. McLaughlin also noticed it was hard to find information on a restaurants’ cleanliness in its Seamless reviews.

“The Seamless reviews are pretty useless, it’s just people complaining about delivery times,” he said.

The Seamless NYC Health Ratings extension is currently only available for the web, but Mr. McLaughlin promised a mobile version is “the next step.”

We want to try it out, but we’re a little scared to learn the truth about our beloved pad thai.

New Browser Tool Reveals Health Ratings of Your Fave Seamless Restaurants