NYC Yoga Guru Says So Lommmmg to Heartbreak

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Namaste, heartbreak!

Lisa Kirchner’s yoga for “Getting Over It” class is aimed at those New Yorkers seeking to bounce back from breakups, much like she did.

Back in 2006, Ms. Kirchner, a workout enthusiast, moved to Qatar with her then-husband. Since the local gym came with restricted “women-only” workout hours, she took up Ashtanga yoga.

After her divorce, the practice proved just the antidote for her heartbreak. “I started a yoga practice and I began to get massively better,” she said. “I was getting relief after the divorce in a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time — and I never expected it,” she told DNAinfo.

Now, eight years later, the East Village writer and guru is using the principles of physically demanding Ashtanga yoga to help other New Yorkers cope with breakup, divorce, and other heartaches, such as death and job loss.

Ashtanga yoga, which involves deep synchronized breathing and a continuous series of postures,  was originally “designed to help teenage boys sit still through meditation practice,” she told The Observer. In producing intense sweat to help cleanse muscles and organs, it also helps detoxify body and spirit.

Ms. Kirchner has conducted the class at the New York School of Burlesque and at Chelsea Piers, and plans to teach it across the country while promoting her Qatar memoir, Hello American Lady Creature

Hopefully the rest of the yearning yogis can make “getting over it” their mantra as well

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Lisa Kirchner shows off a forward fold.

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NYC Yoga Guru Says So Lommmmg to Heartbreak