Political media strategist Chris Mottola joins Mercury

Bipartisan public strategy firm Mercury announced today the addition of political media consultant Chris Mottola, of Chris Mottola Consulting, Inc. in Philadelphia, NJ. Mottola, best known for writing, producing and directing campaign ads for political candidates, has served as president and founder of the political consulting firm since 1986.

“Chris Mottola’s decades of work in campaign ads and political consulting is known throughout the United States,” Kieran Mahoney, CEO of Mercury, said in a statement.  “We have worked with Chris for many years, and have seen his talents contribute to myriad successful campaign wins. Chris’ leadership is critical as we establish an in-house paid media capability at Mercury.”

An award-winning media consultant, Mottola, 56, has been specializing in political campaigns and public affairs since 1980. He’s produced advertising and television commercials for the presidential campaigns of John McCain and George W. Bush. Other notable clients include Governor George Pataki, Senator Robert Dole and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The partnership brings Chris Mottola Consulting, Inc. under the control of Mercury, with Mottola directing the firm’s paid media and advertising capabilities.

“Joining Mercury affords me the chance to work with a truly smart group of people who are experts in research, and understand how to translate the numbers attached to policy and politics into great creative content,” Mottola said.  “That is a rare combination, and one I am thrilled to be a part of.”

Mottola graduated from Temple University and began his career in politics serving as Press Secretary for the Fund for a Conservative Majority in 1980.

He is married to Melissa Dlin, vice president for advertising sales at the Fox Sports West and Fox Sports Prime Ticket television networks.


Political media strategist Chris Mottola joins Mercury