Samson in September email: Weinberg is ‘a jerk’

TRENTON – When a state lawmaker told a Port Authority commissioner she was disappointed with him “on a personal level” following the September George Washington Bridge lane closures, the agency’s former chairman had a word to describe the veteran lawmaker.


In a newly released letter displayed publically for the first time on Tuesday, former Port Authority Chairman David Samson told a Port Authority commissioner that state Sen. Loretta Weinberg was “a jerk” for penning a letter to the commissioner inquiring about the lane closures.

“Pat,” Samson wrote to Commissioner William “Pat” Schuber in a Sept. 26 email from his Wolff & Samson email account according to documents released by the committee. “I received a copy of Loretta’s 9/19 letter to you about her being ‘disappointed … on a personal level’: what a jerk! Do you want me to do anything? D.”

Samson’s letter was in response to Weinberg writing Schuber in September.

“I am disappointed in the authority’s response, but on a personal level I am disappointed in your lack of advocacy on behalf of the residents of Bergen County,” Weinberg wrote.

Schuber’s, who is testifying today before a joint legislative committee investigating the lane closures, response to Samson:

“Hi David, That is kind of you, but no, it’s ok. I decided to surprise her with a direct call and tell her I was disappointed she had made it personal. I don’t think she expected that. I think she has never gotten over our 1998 race!! Best Wishes. Pat.”

Samson responded: “Good for you. If anything further ensues on this (or anything else), I hope you know I am available to contribute whatever you may feel could have value.”

Weinberg, a Democrat, challenge Schuber for the county executive’s post in 1998. Before serving as a commissioner to the Port Authority, Schuber, a Republican, worked as a former Bergen County executive and state assemblyman.

Samson resigned as chairman in March.

Samson in September email: Weinberg is ‘a jerk’