Schaffer re-ups in Somerset

Re-nominated by acclamation earlier this month along with Vice Chair Zenon Christodoulou, veteran Somerset County Chair Peg Schaffer accepted the leadership position again – with a twist.

Franklin Twp. Councilman Phil Kramer put Schaffer’s name in nomination with the following poem…


It is my task the honor mine

To nominate a woman fine

She’s known to us as Peg the Chair

And most of us hold her dear


Because once that other party

Thought of us not too hardy

Now when election time is near

Our growing numbers are what they fear


She never waivers and never tires

She has the wisdom that inspires

Personal sacrifice of blood and treasure

I challenge any to meet her measure


She has been there to listen and to lead

To step in or to stand back as is the need

There are many among us who equally care

But few who match how often she’s there


Sometime she roars but usually she smiles

And with her driver there are countless miles

Her goal to make us better to make us strong

Thus it ‘s as our chair that she belongs


Without reservation and with perfect pitch

I Nominate Marguerite M. Schaffer for another 4 year hitch

Schaffer re-ups in Somerset