Study: Boning Someone You Met Through a Sex App May Increase STI Risk

Condoms, you guys.

You know what we mean.
You know what we’re getting at.

Here’s some bad news for anyone who enjoys finding a new sex partner from the comfort of their own couch. A study found that gonorrhea and chlamydia were more common in gay men using apps to meet for sex than in those meeting on clubs or online, the BBC reports.

The researchers polled 7,184 men who were using a sexual health clinic at the LA Gay and Lesbian Centre. From the BBC:

“The results showed men were 23 percent more likely to have gonorrhoea and 35 percent more likely to be infected with chlamydia than men using other websites or clubs to meet new partners … There was no difference in the risk of HIV between the groups.”

This is a definite trend not only among gay men, but also heterosexuals, according to Dr. Steve Taylor, a British sexual health and HIV medicine consultant who didn’t participate in the study.

“Without a doubt technology has facilitated rapid partner change and therefore it is a perfect environment for sexually transmitted infections and HIV to spread,” Dr. Taylor told the BBC.

Ugh, but Tinder is so fun. What’s a 21st century dater to do?

Of course, the industry is already striving to solve the STI problem, too. Here are the high-tech options we know of: stylish condom subscription services and apps that make testing easier and encourage people to reveal their status. Wrap it up, everyone, and happy hunting.

Study: Boning Someone You Met Through a Sex App May Increase STI Risk