Study: Too Much Tweeting Leads to Cheating, Breakups

Just another reason to chill on the #FFs.

"I can't believe you manual RTed me!" (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)
“I can’t believe you manual-RTed me!” (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)

We’ve all convinced ourselves that our habits of constantly checking Twitter and broadcasting our every thought aren’t actually affecting any other areas of our lives. But a new study shows that maintaining an active Twitter presence could be bad for your romantic relationships, despite being totally awesome for your precious personal brand.

The research comes from the University of Missouri, where doctoral student Russell Clayton “found a positive correlation between Twitter use and relationship woes,” Mashable reports. He surveyed 581 adult Twitter users, asking them about their Twitter activity and how often they argue with significant others.

Mr. Clayton concluded that, based on this study and a similar one concerning Facebook, the two social networks “can have damaging effects on romantic relationships.”

We’re a little skeptical, though. Yes, it can be annoying when your boyfriend or girlfriend is checking Twitter nonstop. But tweeting itself probably won’t lead to relationship problems. It’s more likely that active tweeters’ traits — extraversion, chattiness, interest in social connection — are the same traits that lead people to argue with their significant other, or seek something new on the sly.

Either way, we’re not too worried about our Twitter habit ruining relationships — just look what it did for these two.

Study: Too Much Tweeting Leads to Cheating, Breakups