They're Finally Adding a Middle Finger Emoji — But Still No Black People

Come on, Unicode, priorities!

These don't exist. (Photo:

These don’t exist. (Photo:

We did it, guys. Unicode is now providing text-message junkies with a middle-finger-shaped emoji.

Also of note: there still don’t appear to be any plans to add black emojis at this time. Come on, Unicode! We’d send you a middle-finger emoji right now if we could.

Technically, Emojipedia says, the new hand gesture is a picture of a “reversed hand with middle finger extended.” But we all know what it really means: a whole lot of F-bomb. This is almost as great as when we found out about the luxury loafers with poop emojis on them.

Unicode, a consortium that “regulates the presentation of text across different software platforms” (techspeak for “makes up emojis”), announced the changes yesterday, the Verge reports. It’s unclear when the update will hit iPhones; that part is up to Apple, the Verge says.

There are 250 other new emojis, and they include the following:

• Fog

• Racing Motorcycle

• Beach With Umbrella (perfect for the #blessed status updates of your most basic friend)

• Derelict House Building (their phrasing, not ours)

• Desert

• Chipmunk (!)

• Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed (for indicating you have the answer during a crowded group chat?)

• Couch and Lamp

Betabeat has scoured the list, and although the above emojis made the cut, there don’t appear to be any people of color or people with red hair or people with glasses on, who are also absent from the emoji catalogue.

We’re also worried, in light of the addition of the middle-finger, that our emoji creativity might take a nose dive. Will the newly available flipped-bird, convenient as it is, make us even worse at expressing ourselves? Now that we can use a single icon to tell our friends to eff off, will our emoji correspondence lose the nuance and finesse it once had?

Probably not — but only because we still have to use an eggplant to represent a dick. Until Unicode presents us with a bona (boner?) fide phallus, there’s still going to be at least some subtlety to our convos.

(h/t Business Insider)

They're Finally Adding a Middle Finger Emoji — But Still No Black People