Time Inc. Staffers Celebrated Spinoff With GIFS

Time Inc. Spinoff Celebration

Time Inc. Spinoff Celebration, a.k.a. the best office party ever (Screenshot)

Ever since March 2013, when Time Warner announced that it would spinoff Time Inc., the less lucrative magazine arm into a separate public company, there have been stories about rattled staffers and nervous predictions about what it means for the future of the once-mighty magazine brand.

When the long anticipated spinoff finally happened yesterday, the stories were not particularly encouraging. The new publicly traded company was saddled with $1.3 billion in debt. Time Inc.’s chief executive Joe Ripp rang the New York Stock Exchange’s opening bell, but the stock price fell during its first day. To make matters worse for Time Inc.’s ego, the evening brought a report that Time Warner was in talks to spend $1.1 billion to buy a 50 percent stake in Vice Media (incidentally, that amount was just a little less than Time Inc.’s debt).

But staffers didn’t let all that get them down–or at least, it didn’t appear that way.

At an official Time Inc. spinoff celebration, they posed with drinks, props and brand new baseball caps with the company’s new logo in a portable photo booth that creates looped-motion GIFs called PHHHOTO, created by tech design firm HYPERHYPER. The sharable, looped motion animated images make everything look like one big continuous dance party.

And that’s especially true of the 369 GIFs from Time Inc.’s spinoff celebration.

Seriously. Has anybody ever looked like they were having this much fun anywhere, let alone at an office party? Sure, it may be a bad omen of doom and gloom (or at least an uncertain financial future). But you know what? At least Time staffers looked like they were having a ball.

Time Inc. Staffers Celebrated Spinoff With GIFS