To Do This Week: Flirt with Strangers

If we’re honest, we probably really only care about six or seven people and fried chicken.

Russian competitors take part at the Red Bull 'Flugtag' event in Moscow on August 7, 2011. 38 teams took part at the Flugtag - which means 'flying day' - a competition in which teams in fancy dress attempt to pilot human-powered, home-made flying machines off a six-metre-high platform into water. (Photo: NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP/Getty Images)

Russian competitors take part at the Red Bull ‘Flugtag’ event in Moscow on August 7, 2011. (Photo: NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP/Getty Images)

Thursday June 19 

If you’ve just emerged from Kara Walker’s show at the Domino Sugar Factory thinking “that enormous sculpture is not a thing I can fit in my house” and what you really need is something that looks nice over the chaise longue, then the New York Academy of Art’s Annual Summer Exhibition is the place for you. The show, curated by Laura Hoptman of the Museum of Modern Art, promises to “present new ideas in the world of figurative art that will disrupt your expectations.” But not the expectation that you can actually hang it in your home. Flowers Gallery, 529 W. 20th Street, 6-8 p.m., Invite Only 

Friday June 20

The Young Members Committee of the National Arts Club Silent Auction: The evening offers a nice way to bid on things while standing in a building that looks like the Addams Family home. The funds go towards the National Arts Club’s Will Barnett fund, and DJ Ski Beatz will be on hand to provide disconcertingly modern music. National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, 8:00 p.m., Members Only

Saturday June 21 

Do you hate coffee-flavored ice cream? Congratulations! You’re in the “people with tastebuds” club. You know what’s a really excellent alternative if you absolutely insist your ice cream taste like something you could drink to get you through a stressful workday? Beer-flavored ice cream. At the NYC Craft Beer Festival you can try the chocolate-flavored ale made especially for the festival, and/or any of the 150 varieties of craft beers they’ll have on tap from nearly 75 breweries. Lexington Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue, $55, 2-4:30 p.m., 7-9:30 p.m. (two separate sessions)

Sunday June 22 

We were honestly really sad when Pulino’s, the inexplicably upscale pizza place, closed down. But then, we were the only person in the world that thought the thing that would make a pizza really great would be if it had a fried egg on top of it. Fortunately, Keith McNally is helping us get over our loss with Cherche Midi, his newly opened restaurant in the old Pulino’s location. The prime rib burger with bacon marmalade, roasted mushrooms, aged Gruyère and fries to die for—even without a fried egg. 282 Bowery, 212-226-3055

Monday June 23 

Do you know what’s good for your heart? I mean, eating well and exercising, probably. But on a better note, dancing and red wine! And cocktail dresses. (Maybe? Ambiguous.) Definitely canapés! (We don’t read medical journals). Flirting with strangers! (Ever! We don’t read them ever!)  All of which you can do at the Harboring Hearts Summer Soiree. The organization provides financial and emotional support for critically ill heart patients and their families. Oh, and Lena Hall, who just won a Tony, is singing, so that’s something to make your heart flutter. The Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W. 17th Street, $100 (for under 35) to $500 (for those older), 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday June 24 

If we’re honest, we probably really only care about six or seven people and fried chicken. If you’re that way too, gather up those six to seven people and make your way to Marcus Samuelsson’s supper club, where guests will be celebrating the launch of Lee Brian Schrager’s Fried & True, a cookbook dedicated to fried chicken. In addition to family-style servings of fried chicken, there’s also going to be a build your own ice cream sundae bar, with flavors like “salted crack caramel.” Oh, and you get a cookbook, so you can replicate it at home! We know you won’t, but it’s nice to pretend. Ginny’s Supper Club, 310 Lenox Avenue, $65, 7 p.m.

Ann Taylor Summer 2014 PresentationWednesday June 25

Do you want to know what your mom/lots of ladies who read Lean In will be wearing next winter? We will give you a clue: it will probably be tasteful. And maybe some shifts? Ann Taylor does a lot of shifts. But, who knows? We always go to shows like the Ann Taylor Winter Preview half-hoping that they’ll have decided their inspiration is “hummingbirds, rickshaws and death” and maybe everything will be really weird. Probably going to be a lot of shifts, though. Ann Taylor Showroom, 7 Times Square, 5 p.m., Invite Only


To Do This Week: Flirt with Strangers