tvRoundup: ‘Looking For Physically Fit Males to Act as DBZ Waiters’

– Yesterday Game of Thrones was all like, “We have the same amount of viewers as The Walking Dead.” Today The Walking Dead was all like, “nah.” 

– Monica Lewinsky is set to do her first TV interview since 2003 for The National Geographic Channel’s The 90’s: The Last Great Decade? Hopefully she doesn’t blow it.

– Don’t worry everyone, Lifetime takes great precaution to ensure the safety of the women giving birth outside on its series Born in the Wild. Thank goodness, my only concern about that show is settled.

Arrested Development + Orange is the New Black =



– Are you a muscular male? Fan of Dragonball Z? Willing to hold a sandwich tray for hours over your head for minimal pay? Good news! This Craiglist user is looking to throw a party- complete with DBZ waiters — and they need you. Details below.

I am having a going away party because I am leaving to study abroad in Japan for one year. I wanted to go out with a bang, and am trying to put together a ridiculous and fun engagement.

I need someone who is MUSCULAR, and is willing to dress in Dragon Ball Z attire for 2-3 hours holding trays of appetizers. Trays shall be held as if you were going to release a massive power attack (see attachment for example).

I cannot afford that much since I am saving most of my money to go to Japan. What I can’t pay I can make up for in free food and a good time. Since I will be staying overseas for so long, I need to save as much money as I can; most of the entertainment and features of my party are going to be obtained through friends and family, so it won’t cost me much.

I am reaching out to those who have kind hearts who will do this at minimal cost to me in order to help me retain my money so that I don’t go broke in Asia, but also so that I can leave America with a memorable experience.

tvRoundup: ‘Looking For Physically Fit Males to Act as DBZ Waiters’