Watch a 2-Hour Dave Chappelle Documentary, Because Why Not? (Video)

Thanks to Vulture for alerting us to the resurfacing of Chappelle’s Show: The 50 Million Dollar Question on Vimeo. The documentary, cut together from interviews of Dave Chappelle and Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan, at least attempts to answer the question “What the hell happened?” to America’s favorite sketch program of a decade ago. (Shit, seriously? We’re so old. Time is a flat circle.)

And, as Jesse David Fox points out, it is great timing that the re-release of this amateur doc coincides with Chappelle’s resurgence, which includes both his Radio City Music act, as well as the Times Style profile that went along with it. Coincidence? Or are we gearing up for Chappelle Show 2.0?

[vimeo 97769906 w=500 h=292]

Follow-up question: If Chappelle’s Show does come back, who will corner the market on Obama impressions, Chappelle or Jordan Peele?

Follow-follow-up question: Wait, is it really Chappelle’s Show? We always thought it was pronounced Chappelle Show. I guess it sounds exactly the same when you say it out loud.

Watch a 2-Hour Dave Chappelle Documentary, Because Why Not? (Video)