Wearable Tech Win: iPhone-Linked Cocktail Ring Smashes Pre-Sale Goal

They raised $60,000 in eight hours.

Ringly in the "wine bar" shade. (Photo via Ringly.com)
Ringly in the “wine bar” shade. (Photo via Ringly.com)

After amassing a ton of good press, smartphone-linked jewelry startup Ringly slaughtered its pre-sale goal of $60,000 less than eight hours after  its launch on June 10.

Ringly’s premiere product is a chunky cocktail ring that links to your iPhone or Android and lights up or vibrates when you get a text, call or email, or if you’ve got an appointment coming up. You can also customize the settings so that you’re only notified when certain people contact you.

Ring pricing starts at $145 for a limited time, according to a release, and the rings come in four colors. The startup is also offering a referral program. Entice your friend into buying a ring, and you get $15 off of your own for each ring a friend purchases. Hit 10 rings, and yours is free.

Ringly did an extensive press tour in the leadup to the launch. They were featured on tech media mainstays like TechCrunch and Wired, as well as fashion blogs with fierce followings like The Cut and Fashionista.

This barrage of press, along with the referral program and temporarily discounted price, helped them to do major business upon launch.

It doesn’t hurt that they’ve got a great product that takes the dorkiness out of wearable tech. Now that they’ve raised $60,000, Ringly can start producing their first round of products. Wearable Tech Win: iPhone-Linked Cocktail Ring Smashes Pre-Sale Goal