Wife Tricked into Fake Marriage, Scammed out of Tribeca Apartment

All's fair in love and war?

Here come the lies. (Observer)

Sometimes putting a ring on it just doesn’t cut it. Especially when there’s a $2 million Tribeca apartment on the line.

When clothing designer Anya Ponorovskaya married civil-rights lawyer Wylie Stecklow in 2010, she assumed, of course, that their I do’s were official. A few months later the blissful newly weds bought a $1 million home, and Mr. Stecklow convinced Ms. Ponorovskaya not to put her name on the deed. Because that kind of stuff doesn’t matter when you’re husband and wife, he told her.

Not so fast.

Last year Ms. Ponorovskaya filed for a divorce only to find she was never legally married. Though the pair had undergone all of the rituals of a Jewish wedding ceremony, they forgot one small detail—a marriage license. Now, Mr. Stecklow is trying to pull the carpet out from under Ms. Ponorovskaya, evicting her from their shared upscale apartment.

With all of the work Ms. Ponorovskaya has put into the pad, its value has doubled, adding insult to injury for the Nolita boutique owner. She told the Post, “I spent years renovating and almost drowned my own business. With the amount of physical labor I put into this loft, it would make me a slave to just walk away.”

But Ms. Ponorovskaya’s case is looking a little bleak. Her ex’s lawyer said that it is not the job of the court to get involved with the private matters of unmarried couples.

Well, if anything, this will certainly be an affair to remember.


Wife Tricked into Fake Marriage, Scammed out of Tribeca Apartment