WNY: Munoz denounces vandalism of assemblywoman’s car

Running hard in his home town of West New York, incumbent Hudson County Freeholder Jose Munoz said he was outraged to hear that someone let the air out of Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez’s (D-32) tires this morning.

“No one in my camp did that and I denounce that,” said Munoz. 

Once embraced by the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO), the freeholder now finds himself on the outside of the establishment.

But he and Jimenez – who chairs the West New York Democratic Committee – are still friends – personally and politically.

“We are running a great campaign, and I support Angelica Jimenez for the assembly next year,” said Munoz. “I support her 100%.”

Jimenez told PolitickerNJ that she knows neither Munoz nor his allies vandalized her car.

A source close to Munoz’s nemesis, Mayor Felix Roque, meanwhile, accused the HCDO-backed assemblywoman of not helping the mayor’s hand-picked candidate to take out Munoz. 

“The assemblywoman has done absolutely nothing in the campaign against Munoz – no campaigning, no door knocking, no money and no endorsement,” the source said. “If the air was let out of her tires in WNY it is not becasue of politics.”

WNY: Munoz denounces vandalism of assemblywoman’s car