5 Answered Questions and 1 Unanswered Question About Last Night’s ’24’

Benjamin Bratt tortured on 24.
Benjamin Bratt tortured on 24.

Answered questions:

1. So wait, is this a totally different show now?

Last week’s episode saw the killing of the show’s major antagonist, Margot Al-Harazi, in a very dramatic demonstration of the powers of gravity and the durability of pavement. It had Jack capturing the device that allowed Margot to control the US military’s drones and returning it to the CIA. It essentially resolved a season’s worth of plot with three episodes left to go, so this week introduced a bunch of totally new characters and completely different stakes.

Agent Navarro, a good guy who turned out to be a bad guy, took the device from his own office and delivered it to Adrian Cross, a questionably good guy who then seemed to be rather a bad guy but now appears to be mostly an idealist with good intentions and maybe not so awesome instincts. Adrian is actually the inventor of the device, which is, of course, far more powerful than anyone even knew. Basically, the thing has the ability to hack into the militaries of every nation on earth, learn all their secrets and control all their weapons. Whatever, just go with it and be happy that the 24 writers didn’t even try to stick in a bunch of tech mumbo jumbo to make this seem like a plausible thing.

Adrian thinks he’s doing humanity a favor by opening up access to all the nuclear weapons on earth, which maybe seems like a sensible plan if you’re a first grader assigned a journal entry about how to effect world peace. But in the grown up, neutral wools and scarf wearing world of Adrian Cross, this plan comes back to bite him in the ass when some evil Chinese guys show up, murder all of his hacker buds, and then order Chloe to make the device launch a nuke from a United States sub.

2. And who are the bad guys now?

The bad guys are those Chinese fellas who want to destroy the country that exiled them, the Russians who have been after Jack the entire season but now have machine guns trained in his direction, and Chief of Staff Tate Donovan who let those Russians right to Bauer.

3. How many times is “override device” said in this episode?

By my count, seven.

4. What’s the status of President Heller’s Alzheimer’s?

Oh man, dude has completely lost it! In this episode, Heller forgets his pants, makes out with his daughter, and does the jitterbug through Piccadilly Circus. Just kidding, he’s basically fine because it has again become convenient for him to be so.

5. So, any other weird pieces of information surface?

Yep. Evidently, Adrian Cross “came across some documents” proving that Morris and Prescott, Chloe’s impossibly named husband and son, weren’t murdered but did in fact really die in a car accident. And what kinds of “documents” could possibly prove such a thing? Short of a sky-written message from God, I don’t really know.

Unanswered questions:

1. So, might the world come to an end soon?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one. They’ve got access to all the nuclear weapons on the planet, endless amounts of money, and evil intentions. But we? We’ve still got Jack Bauer. 5 Answered Questions and 1 Unanswered Question About Last Night’s ’24’