Even Ed Sheeran Hates Facebook's New Celebrity-Only App

Shut it down.


Hater. (Photo: Flickr/Eva RInaldi)
Hater. (Photo: Flickr/Eva RInaldi)

First William Shatner, now Ed Sheeran? It looks like Facebook’s stab at enticing celebrities to incessantly document every part of their lives using a new app is hitting a roadblock.

Last week, the social network site debuted Mentions, a stand-alone app for “verifiable public figures.” It offers far fewer the features that the regular Facebook app does, and instead focuses on getting famous people to post on the social network. Mr. Sheeran was one of the few celebrities to gain access to it, and so far, it’s not so good.

Per Billboard:

“He did not know this was such a bonkers system,” his spokesperson told the paywalled Sunday Times. “He just wants to talk directly with his fans, as he can on Twitter. We shall see if he keeps using it.”

Uh oh! The main point of the app is to rid celebrities’ addiction to Twitter and have them spew all their nonsense on Facebook. Although the app is still in beta testing, it sounds like Facebook has some changes to make — or they could just buy Twitter. Even Ed Sheeran Hates Facebook's New Celebrity-Only App