Hodor Is Embarking on a DJ Tour Called ‘Rave of Thrones’

D-d-d-d-d-drop the scythe


Stop everything you’re doing right now. Stop filling out those taxes, get off the phone with your mother, take your eyes off the road, put your child down. NONE OF THOSE THINGS MATTER RIGHT NOW.

Why? Because Kristian Nairn—AKA fucking Hodor from Game of Thrones—is embarking on a DJ tour called “Rave of Thrones.” From a press release that actually exists in this world:

Unlike the Red Wedding, these soirees will be remembered for seasons to come for all the right reasons. For one night only in every capital across this land venues will be transformed into the finest halls of Westeros, wherein patrons will be (enforced by the hand of the king) dressed to the occasion in a manner that would befit Queen Cersi herself.

The evening includes a very special visual GOT themed set from Lord EGO himself plus a range of surprise guests and garnishings.

Unfortunately, the tour is only stopping in Australia and I assume tickets cost about $1000 and an offering of your son/brother to the gods beyond the Wall. But you know what? I don’t care. I will scale a 700 foot wall of ice with an infirm boy prince strapped to my back to get to these shows, because that’s what men do there is a 0 percent chance this isn’t amazing.

Everyone from Slaver’s Bay to the Iron Islands is invited to join me … except Mopey Jon Snow.

Nothing harshes a rave like Mopey Jon Snow.




  Hodor Is Embarking on a DJ Tour Called ‘Rave of Thrones’