Kelsey Grammer Only Just Discovered What Doge Is

We don't fully get it either, tbh.

Famed actor and Real Housewife ex-husband Kelsey Grammer seems out of touch with the Internet.

Mr. Grammer tweeted this on Friday:

At this point, you have to be pretty disconnected from the interwebs to not have at least heard of Doge. It has its own cryptocurrency that people, unfathomably, are actually using. It inspired a record label in London. Conservative U.S. government people are using it to criticize liberals.

People offered Mr. Grammer explanations to varying degrees of helpfulness:

Mr. Grammer might not be tapped into popular memes, but he’s been very plugged into the Twittersphere of late — correcting people’s grammar. Yep, it’s a real thing. Search #KelseyGrammerGrammar. The actor’s bio even reads: “Solving Twitter’s grammar problem, one ‘helpful’ tweet at a time”.

Here are some helpful tips from the actor:

He even corrects people who are trying to compliment him:

So grammar. Much LOLZ. Wow. Kelsey Grammer Only Just Discovered What Doge Is