Kids Are Fed Up With Their Parents' Tech Addiction, Survey Says

That work email account is a cruel mistress.

Pretty much everyone. (Photo:
Pretty much everyone. (Photo:

Parents love to gripe about how often kids these days are staring at screens — but new research from the UK shows that a lot of kids have the same complaint about their Facebook-obsessed parents.

Almost 70 percent of kids surveyed said their parents spend too much time on their phone, iPad or other devices, the Telegraph reports. At the same time, slightly fewer parents — 60 percent — had the same worry about their children.

More than a third of kids are also worried about “their parents’ struggle to switch off from technology,” and a quarter “accuse them of double standards when it comes to excessive use” of technology.

One in five say their parents don’t listen to them when they’re together because they’re too busy checking email, which is its own special breed of bummer.

Of course, we’ve all heard the horror stories about people selling their children or stealing from their elderly family members to fuel online addictions. But the takeaway from this new research is that tech addiction isn’t something that only happens to people who lock themselves in the basement to play World of Warcraft. The problem can be as simple as spending too much time with work email instead of talking to your family.

Treatment programs like therapy and addiction camps have been available for tech-addicted children for a while now. Looks like now all we need is a luxe tech-free rehab for their adult counterparts and we might be able to function like human beings again. Kids Are Fed Up With Their Parents' Tech Addiction, Survey Says