Let's All Wave Goodbye Together as Louise Blouin Puts Her Penthouse on the Market

Ms. Blouin

Louise Blouin, the owner of a media company housed in a leaky, moldy office building, is offloading her Richard Meier-designed penthouse at 165 Charles Street, reports the Daily News. The Blouin Media boss, who may owe employees hundreds of thousands of dollars, bought the apartment in 2005 for $20 million. Ms. Blouin, who has said that her employees “stole” from her but also one time was nice enough to give them a snow day, is putting the penthouse on the market for $35 million.

What’s so special about the place again? Let’s read a few old descriptions. Apparently the light is nice.

In New York magazine, Oct. 24, 2007:

One cannot imagine the view in her living room: The sun beaming off the Hudson at this height fills the West Side with a light rarely seen in the city, transforming the glass cube into a vessel of the sky.

In The New York Times, May 29, 2005:

The apartment totals 4,365 square feet and the selling price works out to $4,581 a square foot, a staggering number, even for a Manhattan luxury apartment.

”Richard is a great friend and I admire his work,” [Ms. Blouin] said. ”I think that the space is magical, because it’s all in glass and with a view that’s extraordinary.” After a pause, she added: ”Close to the stars.” Another pause. ”And the sun. And the clouds.”

And then, lastly, in The New York ObserverApril 3, 2006:

It’s a vast space, with extraordinary views of downtown and the George Washington Bridge, and it catches the light bouncing off the Hudson. It’s a pied-à-terre for an ethereal media empress who has what one associate called an “outer-space” quality.

“She was very specific about what she wanted,” said Mr. Meier, who designed [Ms. Blouin’s] apartment and who described her as an intelligent and energetic friend.

Happy house hunting, Ms. Blouin.

Let's All Wave Goodbye Together as Louise Blouin Puts Her Penthouse on the Market