Man Uses Drone to Find Missing 82-Year-Old Man Before Police

Suck it, search dogs.

Good done.
Good drone. (Photo: File)

David Lesh is a drone aficionado. He typically uses it to shoot aerial images of skiers and snowboarders, but last week he used it to possibly save a life. 

The Colorado man was visiting his girlfriend in Wisconsin last week when he heard about a missing 82-year-old man who had been missing for three days. Search dogs, volunteers and helicopters all proved fruitless until he shot his drone up over an area of interest. The drone scanned a 200-acre bean field in just 20 minutes — much less than the several hours it would’ve taken a search team.

Mr. Lesh soon noticed a man standing in a corner of the field looking confused and stumbling around. It turned out to be missing man Guillermo DeVenecia. “We weren’t really sure what we would find or what kind of shape he would be in if we did find him… I don’t think any of us expected to find him,” he told Madison’s NBC affiliate.

The missing man said he was on a short walk and was confused why people were looking for him. Mr. Lesh described him as being in good spirits during the trip to a police command center.

“I never thought that I would be using it to find somebody,” Mr. Lesh said. Neither did we, tbh.

(H/T GigaOM) Man Uses Drone to Find Missing 82-Year-Old Man Before Police