Man With Highly Classified Inbox Creates Nearly NSA-Proof Email Service

Your brunch plans are finally secret.

Snowden proof. (Photo: File)
Snowden proof, sort of. (Photo: File)

Apparently some of us think our emails are so important that they should be shielded from hackers at the NSA. So, if you’re one of those people who worried about that, there’s a new email service called Dark Mail that claims to add an extra layer of protection against government spies.

Dark Mail creator Ladar Levison told CNNMoney that it works by not only encrypting the body of the message, but cloaking the email’s metadata on its ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields so Snowden’s old friends can’t see who is sending the email. That adds an extra layer of protection against the NSA because “knowing who you email can trigger extra government scrutiny.”

He stressed that it’s not fully NSA-proof since that’s nearly impossible. “Using Dark Mail is like mailing an envelope that, on the outside, is only addressed to and from post offices. Finding the actual sender and recipient is not an unsolvable mystery, but it creates some drag for the dragnet,” explains CNNMoney.

Levison said he’s not pleased with the NSA’s method of sifting through the personal information of millions of Americans just to locate their person of interest. “I think we lost the freedom of association, and we didn’t realize it,” he said. “The fear now is that if I email you, and you’re under surveillance… I will, in turn, place myself under surveillance.”

Dark Mail is scheduled to be released within the next six months.

Man With Highly Classified Inbox Creates Nearly NSA-Proof Email Service