Matchmaking App Lets You Set Your Friends Up on Online Blind Dates and Watch It All Unfold

Had enough of Tinder?

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Friends can be terrible matchmakers, and blind dates are notorious for going horribly, horribly wrong. But if you’re willing to give it all another chance, you can now do it from the comfort of your iPhone.

A new app called Hitch can add a little mystery to your mobile dating life by letting your friends set you up on virtual blind dates. Finally, you can look for love without the superficial swipes.

If you’re playing matchmaker, simply sign on with Facebook and select two friends. The potential love birds are set up in a chat — catch being that they can only see the other’s age and gender.

If they hit it off, users can request to reveal their dates’ identities. But here’s where it gets Tinderesque: their names and profile pictures will only be revealed if both parties are interested.

“What you get is a more reliable way of meeting new people who are not complete strangers,” founder Anton Gu told Betabeat. “The experience gives people the flexibility of how to behave. If you say something silly, don’t reveal identity. If you really like someone, send a request to find out.”

Matchmakers can even track their match’s progress. They can see if the two decided to reveal themselves and how many messages have been exchanged. The content, though, is rightfully hidden.

It’s possible that the app will be more fun for the likely tied down matchmakers who are setting up their friends and gawking at their potential connections. But as long as your BFF isn’t trying to get you together with that ex-law school hookup she complained about non-stop, modern day blind dating might be worth a shot. Matchmaking App Lets You Set Your Friends Up on Online Blind Dates and Watch It All Unfold