McDonald's Tests Order-Ahead App for Those Too Lazy To Use Drive-Through

Next up: an app that has McGriddles delivered to your bedside.

Not sure if he's running towards or away from the food (Photo:
Not sure if he’s running towards or away from the food (Photo:

Ronald McDonald heard that some people are unsatisfied with the speed of their fast food.

Now McDonald’s is running more trials of the order-ahead app they began experimenting with last year. The app, now called McD Ordering, will allow customers to place orders from their smartphones and pick them up without having to wait in line or even enter the building, Geek reported.

It’s sure to get customers in and out in minutes. It’ll also appeal to those who want their Big Macs quick but are too ashamed to be seen ordering them; The app generates a QR code for your order after you pay from your smartphone that allows you to just walk up, scan it and wait for them to hand over your McNuggets.

And for those too embarrassed to even walk inside, there will be curb-side pickup stations. Perhaps McDonald’s knows nobody wants to be seen with their food or spend time in their establishment and thinks removing as much of the McDonald’s induced self-loathing experience from the food as they can will increase business. Our gut, which isn’t full of processed sludge, tells us they may be right.

Despite the complete absence of advertising for the app, McD Ordering is already receiving orders for the 22 pilot locations currently testing the app in Columbus, Georgia. To clarify, that means the people placing those orders must have gone into the app store and deliberately searched for a McDonald’s app.

God bless America. McDonald's Tests Order-Ahead App for Those Too Lazy To Use Drive-Through