Millionaires Love Using Facebook, Hate Twitter

Rude to Instagram.

Cool pic from Bentley's Facebook page.
Cool pic from Bentley’s Facebook page.

Millionaires love lots of things, but when it comes to social networks it’s just one.

According to a new survey of millionaires from the the mysterious sounding Spectrum Group, nearly six in ten said Facebook is their preferred social network. LinkedIn placed second at 41 percent while Twitter barely registered in third place with just 10 percent of the votes.

Of the millionaires asked who were 65 and older, more than half preferred Facebook. For those under 35, Facebook was still ranked highest as the preferred social network, but more of them used Twitter (32 percent compared to 5 percent) than their older counterparts.

It would naturally be assumed that millionaires use social networks to share photos of their fancy yachts and expensive bottles of champagne, but they mostly used it to follow news or financial information.

Ah, so when they stock market crashes because they told everyone to buy stock in Grumpy Cat, we’ll know why.

Millionaires Love Using Facebook, Hate Twitter