More subpoenas could be coming for unnamed Port Authority police sergeant, Wisniewski says

TRENTON – More subpoenas could be coming in the Select Committee on Investigation’s probe into the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal, this time for a police sergeant at the Port Authority.

According to chairman John Wisniewski (D-19) at SCI’s hearing today, the committee may consider issuing a subpoena to find out the name of a Port Authority police sergeant quoted in the minutes of a 2013 closed Fort Lee council meeting, though it won’t be the committee’s first resort.

According to the meeting’s minutes, which took place last year amidst Fort Lee’s four day traffic snarl, the city’s police chief recalls a conversation he had with the sergeant about the GWB lanes closures. The sergeant told the police chief that the reason why the lanes were blocked off was because the city’s mayor, Mark Sokolich, didn’t endorse Chris Christie during the governor’s re-election campaign.

The committee presented a transcript of the minutes at its hearing today, prompting questions from reporters afterwards.

“We’re doing our investigation and we hope to have those answers soon,” Wisniewski said following the hearing. “Obviously the subpoena process is a little more time consuming than directly asking people questions so we’re doing our inquiry first. If that doesn’t work we may resort to subpoenas but suffice it to say that we are diligently pursuing those leads as well as other leads that continually come our way and we are making progress, albeit incremental progress.”

The latest witness to be called on by the committee was the governor’s incoming Chief of Staff, Regina Egea. She testified at the Statehouse earlier this afternoon.

“Look, this is not a made for TV reality show,” the chairman, referring to what many have called a somewhat sluggish investigation, later assured reporters. More subpoenas could be coming for unnamed Port Authority police sergeant, Wisniewski says