Morning Digest: July 21st


Winners and Losers: Week of July 14th

The state takes a lot of well-deserved hits, let’s face it. But if you can shovel your way through the winters and the political sound-bites, you can get to the summers in New Jersey, which is where we are now – for another six or so glorious weeks. (Politicker Staff)



Fight of the Week: Christie v. Clinton, pre-2016 warm-up round

Two political tigers prowled America’s 2016 presidential campaign field this week, separated by about 1,100 miles: Republican Chris Christie and Democrat Hillary Clinton. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)



The PolitickerNJ interview: John Wisniewski

SAYREVILLE – In his office here, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) sits comfortably at the head of a solid oak conference table, sipping coffee from a glass mug. Donning a blue tie to match a set of piercing blue eyes, he’s cool and collected, a shining example of how a New Jersey assemblyman might spend his time during these dog days, when the sun is shining and the statehouse is empty.  But it would be misleading to call Wisniewski your typical assemblyman — this one is in the middle of one of the most controversial and potentially corrupt scandals of recent memory. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)



Bergen Executive’s Race: Wesley Clark to campaign next month with Tedesco

Four Star General Wesley Clark (ret.) will join Freeholder Jim Tedesco, the Democratic nominee for County Executive, for two events in support of Tedesco’s campaign on August 6th, the campaign announced today, a day after Hillary Clinton signed copies of her book in Bergen. (Politicker Staff)



NJ State PBA President calls out Christie for “callous” choice of locale to start pension reform tour

WOODBRIDGE – The president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) decried the choice of locale for the start of Gov. Chris Christie’s “No Pain, No Gain” pension reform tour as “callous,” citing Christie’s recent moves regarding public workers’ pensions as something even more painful. (Politicker Staff)



Christie’s economist quits after faulty revenue forecasts

Charles Steindel, whose three straight years of optimistic revenue projections influenced six New Jersey credit downgrades, is resigning as Republican Governor Chris Christie’s chief economist. (Young/Bloomberg)



Gun control advocates plan protest after Christie’s veto of gun-clip limits  

Gun control advocates from New Jersey and Connecticut plan to welcome Governor Christie to Greenwich, Conn., on Monday by highlighting his recent veto of a bill that would have reduced the number of bullets permitted in gun magazines. (Hayes/The Bergen Record)



For Baraka, Christie likely solution to budget crisis

A few months ago, television advertisements told Newark voters that mayoral candidate Ras Baraka was the best person to “stand up” to Gov. Chris Christie and his control of city schools. (Nix/The Star-Ledger)



WNY group pushes for September school board elections

WEST NEW YORK — A community group is pushing in court to have the town’s school board’s elections held in September, arguing that November elections give an unfair advantage to incumbents who are aligned with a powerful political organization. (McGovern/The Jersey Journal)



Kerry on plane disaster: ‘moment of truth’ for Putin

The United States upped pressure on Vladimir Putin on Sunday over his response to the Malaysia Airlines jet shoot-down in eastern Ukraine, with Secretary of State John Kerry noting on CNN that it was a “moment of truth” for the Russian president. (CNN)



As world crisis continues to erupt, how will Obama react?

Facing a seemingly never-ending series of foreign policy crises, President Obama has been accused by critics of being hampered by slow decision-making and an unwillingness to react aggressively. (Kaplan/CBS News)


Muslim on Capitol Hill: staffers look to rebuild

As rain pelted the capital, more than 200 Muslim Americans gathered in the Cannon House Office Building to break their daily fast. They are in the midst of Ramadan, the annual monthlong period of fasting from sunup to sundown. (Bowman/Roll Call)





Stile: Iowa has mixed feelings on Christie

Three years ago, West Des Moines businessman Gary Kirke was in the delegation of Iowa Republicans that traveled to the New Jersey governor’s mansion, hoping to persuade Chris Christie to run for president. (Stile/The Bergen Record)



Jackson: Menendez’s defense fund rises along with his prominence

As he battles investigations into claims that he favored one wealthy donor, dozens more have helped Sen. Bob Menendez in that legal fight, adding $308,000 to his defense fund, according to disclosure forms released last week. (Jackson/The Bergen Record)



Jersey Journal: another challenging time for Jersey City and its mayor

From a political point of view, the shooting death of Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago — who was posthumously promoted to detective — is one of those highly charged events that could make or break an elected leader’s career. (Torres/The Jersey Journal) 


Adelson and Koch open wallets wide for Christie’s RGA: The Auditor

If billionaire casino mogul and Israel booster Sheldon Adelson was upset Gov. Chris Christie didn’t mention the Jewish state in his Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala speech in May, his checkbook didn’t show it. (The Auditor/The Star-Ledger)



Doblin: Chris Christie is not ready to say his goodbyes

OVER THE course of a single week, not one, not two, but three prominent Democrats told me Chris Christie would step down in January. The similarities among the narratives reminded me of the letter-writing campaigns that flood my inbox from time to time.



Kelly: When gunfire is part of the daily soundtrack

THE WOMAN with the missing teeth answered after I knocked on the door of her Jersey City home. As she opened the door, a smell of stale urine wafted from inside. She peered at me, then looked down the street. “What do you want?” she asked. (Kelly/The Bergen Record) Morning Digest: July 21st