Morning Media Mix: Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Grey PosterDon’t worry about the fate of the book publishing industry (or at least about Random Penguin House), because the Fifty Shades  of Grey movie trailer has gotten over 12 million views since it was released last week. (Vintage/Anchor’s Twitter)

Today in New York Times pro-marihuana legalization editorials: the injustice of who is arrested for pot, with infographics and everything. (The New York Times)

Ira Glass really likes his iPad Mini but isn’t a big Shakespeare fan. (Lifehacker/ Kottke)

New York Times profit fell 21 percent in the second quarter: print advertising is down, operating costs are up, digital circulation is up (but not enough), and severance costs were $2.2 million, which probably has something to do with firing Jill Abramson.  (The New York Times)

Politico managing editor for news Rachel Smolkin has been named executive editor for CNN Politics. (CNN)

New York mag social media editor and 2014 Betabeat PoachableStefan Becket is going to Mic, the news site formerly known as PolicyMic, where he will be politics editor. (Politico) Morning Media Mix: Fifty Shades of Green