Morning Media Mix: High Times at The New York Times

The New York TimesThe New York Times opinion pages kicked off a six-part, interactive series in favor of marijuana legalization in the Sunday paper with an editorial titled “Repeal Prohibition, Again.” (The New York Times)

But that pro-legalization stance doesn’t mean that Times employees won’t get drug tested. “Our corporate policy on this issue reflects current law,” the Times spokeswoman told Michael Calderone. “We aren’t going to get into details beyond that.” (The Huffington Post)

After issuing a statement initially defending Benny Johnson from charges of plagiarism, BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith apologized to readers and announced that he had fired the writer late Friday night. An internal review found 41 instances of phrases that were lifted from other sites like Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia. (BuzzFeed)

Mario Batali is ending his Times Magazine cocktail column, but just because he ran out of things to say about drinking, not because he got fired or anything. (FishbowlNY)

LA Times media reporter Joe Flint is returning to The Wall Street Journal‘s media desk after five years in Los Angeles. (Twitter)

Morning Media Mix: High Times at The New York Times