Morning Media Mix: Justin Smith Skipped The Picnic

JSmith_012808_1Bloomberg CEO Justin Smith missed out on gourmet pizza and amusement park rides at the company picnic on Randall’s Island. But on the plus side, he got to avoid the “nausea-inducing contraption called The Orbiter.” Anyway, Bloomberg Media is trying to change its game by rolling out its digital, multi-platform brand push on October 6, with the launch of John Heilemann and Mark Halperin politics site. (Capital New York)

Since everyone is just dying to know what Gawker Media staffers are chatting about, and they spend a lot of time chatting, editor Max Read decreed that internal conversations be posted on a Kinja page instead of in the Gawker chat. (Neiman Journalism Lab)

Former Daily Beast editor and Wall Street Journal correspondent Jane Spencer named editor of digital content at Fusion, where she will join Felix Salmon and Anna Holmes at the post-text cable network. (The New York Times)

The National Enquirer laid off an estimated 40 staffers in advance of the supermarket tabloid’s move to New York. (New York Post)

The Times made a quiz to test how good people are at spotting successful tweets, so have fun with that. (The New York Times)

  Morning Media Mix: Justin Smith Skipped The Picnic