Morning Media Mix: Kara Swisher, Feared and Well-Liked

Kara Swisher
Kara Swisher (image via Twitter)

“The technology journalist Kara Swisher likes to call herself Sherlock Homo, but on a spring evening in Austin, where she’d come for the SXSW Interactive conference, she wasn’t following any particular trail of clues.” (New York)

Slate’s Julia Turner, who served as deputy editor, is taking the reigns from David Plotz to become editor in chief of the site. Mr. Plotz decided to step down after six years, just as his predecessors did. (The New York Times)

Bustle, Bryan Goldberg’s website for ladies that got a lot of negative attention when it launched last year, is doing really well. (Business Insider)

NPR wants a non-judgemental Ombudsman , thereby negating the role. (Press Think)

The New York Times Book Review has a new children’s book editor, book review editor Pamela Paul announced in a tweet:

Ms. Paul started at the Book Review in 2011 as the children’s book editor and took over the stand-alone section in 2013. Morning Media Mix: Kara Swisher, Feared and Well-Liked